About us

Bedford Community Chamber Orchestra

about us

About us

The BCCO was founded in 2006 by a small group of friends who wanted the opportunity to play in an orchestra again.  Having spent most of our childhood and adolescent years learning and playing instruments regularly, it seems a shame for them to end up sat in a wardrobe unused.

Since it’s beginning the BCCO has grown in numbers and now accommodates for all adults (regardless of age!). The first concert was given in July 2006 and we now give 3 concerts a year, usually March/April, July and December.  We are always looking for more players who would like to ‘get back’ into playing regularly. Click here to find out how to join.

The orchestra is run by a dedicated committee made up of some of its members. From the beginning they have worked tirelessly to secure grants and funds to help continue the running of the orchestra. Recently we became a member of ‘Making Music’ and through this gained charity status.  Do continue to support and follow us by coming to our next concert.  Information about our forthcoming concerts can be found on the Homepage.

Our committee currently consists of:

  • Sara Brindley – Chair
  • currently vacant – Treasurer
  • Samantha Rick – Musical Director
  • Ian Chang – Conductor
  • Margaret Stevenson – Secretary
  • Sue Smith – Orchestra Manager / Librarian
  • Mo Robinson - Marketing Co-ordinator
  • Julia Dunmow – Trustee

If you would like to join our committee, or you would like to steward at our concerts then please contact us.